Continuity of Sears Even in the Face of Decline

sears shop

The previous week this renowned company had made various fascinating declarations.

Firstly, it had announced the closure of its outlets beyond 63 with the belief to be able to gain prosperity in the future. Till now it has closed 358 K- Marts and Sears outlet.

After that, Sears brought out a press statement to mention about its initiative to alleviate the fiscal structure.

In spite of the strategic revamping over a long period of time, the firm is still witnessing a sharp sale decline of about 15.3% on a quarterly basis.

This has resulted in the loss of $525 million from the company’s coffers.

On thoroughly observing this latest decline trend, Bill Dreher has rightly predicted that the company will never experience profit again.

Although the Sears management is still optimistic about a miraculous comeback a very few people are ready to buy that argument.

Actually, in reality, the organization is still witnessing the lowest ever sale of liquidation. As such, Sears is still continuing to put up a brave face(Click the Link Sears88 guide to get the discount criteria, service benefits, and other details on 88Sears Website).

This is quite evident with the attitude and arrogance of the Sears CEO named Eddie Lampart.

A few weeks ago a Wall Street Journal had posted a realistic comment against a blog on the blog of a company that presents a falsely rosy picture to the readers.Sears Store Closing

But the Sears CEO completely ignores such reactionary comment to avoid a discussion on improving the experience of the consumers.

After this incident, theSears again shared the lowest ever performance alongside announcing to establish two retail stores selling mattress and appliances.

There is still no stoppage in the decline of the Sears that had initially started since 2003.

After the span of 14 years the average sale of this organization has pathetically declined on every quarterly basis.

The most popular question that is revolving in the market is whether anyone can save Sears or not.

But the most unfortunate thing is that the backroom team is unable to provide a recovery roadmap even after elapsing so many years.