Sears88 Guide – 88Sears Associate Login on 88Sears Website


It is quite common for a vast organization to develop an efficient employment-related website to deliver the specialized online solution.

This in turn also enables the subordinates to access the essential work data quite easily through such a centralized portal.

In this context, Sears Holding has also introduced a subordinate platform which is commonly known as Sears88 or 88sears.

Only sears employees are entitled to search the vital administrative and other relevant details through the 88sears associate login.

Once clicking the menu option of private information, they will easily acquire the requisite details regarding the 88sears associate schedule paystubs and other personal information.


What does Sears88 Consist

The website usually contains information of two distinct

  • 88sears Guest Sign

The first is mainly for the general users that can be easily availed without accomplishing the vital procedure of 88sears login.

Such type of information usually throws light on common facts like discount criteria, service benefits, and other details regarding this firm.

  • 88sears Associate Login

But when it comes to accessing the personal information of a Sears employee from the SHO/SHC/ HR site, you have to sign in at the

It is a compulsory procedure that you need to observe while intending to acquire thorough information on the 88sears associate schedule and benefits.


Details About the Sears88

detials about

The subordinate portal of this organization actually acts as its human resource system. It allows sears employees to maintain the valuable employment-related data.

It also enables the sears employees to perform certain modifications into their private data like contact number and residential address.

At the same time, staffs do have the option to avail the work privileges encompassing health and financial through this sears88 website.

It is only through this portal that you will be able to acquire complete information on the policies and rules of the Sears Holding.

Through the 88sears, Sears employees also have the scope to view their respective work postings alongside filling the job form. The newly recruited sears employees have to enroll first before using this portal.


Ways of Accessing the Sears Associate Login Page of Sears88

In order to access of sears associate login platform, just observe these directives below:

  • Loading the Site of Sears88

You have the opportunity to visit the 88Sears by inserting the web address into the browser.

At the same time, you have the option to follow the link or bookmark using a separate page. The ideal way to look for the 88sears involves the use of search engine.

  • Accessing the Page of 88sears Associate Login

88sears-my presonal imformation

Once into entering into the 88sears platform, you will come across to the section of my personal information. It constitutes a label of double arrows.

It implies that you have the scope to access sears88 site through utilizing the computerized network exterior to the SHC.

The moment you press it, you will be straightaway directed towards the 88sears login sheet of the SHC. You also have the option to access it by clicking the link of

  • Preparing the 88sears Associate Login Facts of SHC

For logging into the human resource portal of the SHC, you have to possess two crucial credentials for that.

Firstly, you must possess the company ID. The code will serve as that of your username of the Sears login. In reality, it is normally referred to as the ID of LDAP.

The second most important credential includes the password of yours.

  • Choosing the Button of 88sears Associate Login

The last work which you must do to forward your request for 88sears associate login is to press the button of login.

In case, you encounter difficulties, just dial the number of helplines that is clearly mentioned on the page of 88 sears login.

In the event of seeking answers to the queries related to the issue of 88 sears login just dial the number of 877-742-6948. The amiable consumer solution team will indeed be delighted to provide you vital assistance.88sears Associate Login

You need to remember that the process of 88 sears login for the ex-Sear employees is totally different. There is no scope for utilizing the login details of the current employees.

In case of being an ex-employee of this company, you need to press the appropriate link once entering into the section of login.

This will land you on the page of the erstwhile employees. After that, you need to insert the PIN and ID to avail the requisite details.


Important Things before Logging in Sears88

However, you need to remember certain important things before logging in

It will assist you a lot in the event of experiencing any trouble to access your private account of SHC. To know more, read these points below:

  • When searching for the company ID, you have the scope to use the link to Lookup ID/Reset Password.It is the same link which will also help you to alter the existing password of 88sears. Once opening this link, you must choose the ideal menu which is based in the corner right of the upper screen. Then you will be able to alter the details of your private account.
  • In case you just wish to alter the password only, just open the link to my Kmart.  After that, insert your initial company ID and the final SSN 5 digits. Then insert your latest password alongside rewriting it in the prescribed field for the confirmation purpose. Finally, press the button of Reset to operate your account with the latest password.

88sears login help

Just remember that the expiry duration of such password is until 3 months.

In case you are unable to open your account despite observing the prescribed guidelines just dial the number of 877-742-6948 to gain the requisite support and help.


Ways to Access the 88sears Associate Schedule Via the Sears88      

The sears88 website of Sears Holding helps employees to access their private accounts anytime.

It also allows them to see their 88 sears associate schedule. For that, it is compulsory to observe these steps below:

  • Accessing the Portal of Sears88

At the beginning, you need to visit the SHC site to obtain the 88 sears associate schedule.

Once entering into the homepage of sears88, 3 headlines will catch your attention.

The first is on the privilege information whereas the subsequent one is about W2fact and payroll.

The final headline is on the Contact and Resources menu.

  • Choose My Personal Information Option on Sears88

The contact and resources menu contains various sub-headlines. You must concentrate on choosing the second option of my personal information. It will land you on the separate page once clicking.




  • Completion of the 88sears Associate Login Receipt

Here you only need to insert the official ID alongside the password. After that, you need to click the black button of the login.

  • Choose 88sears Associate Schedule

Once accessing the account of Sears, you need to concentrate on the right side of the dashboard. Here you will be able to spot the menu of 88sears associate work schedule.

Once clicking on the link, a timetable will appear before you. It will help you to see the latest weekly schedule alongside the previous one. In case of any problem, just communicate the company HR professional instantly.


Details of My Personal Information section once login on Sears88

Once entering into the employment of the Sears, you will have the chance to come across the following information like:



  • Sears88 – Benefit Information

Here you have the scope to view the privileges provided by this organization to each and every 88sears employee.

It also enables you to alter the details of your benefits. It comes with various facility choices like pension and retirement plan.

In order to ask any question, just press the option of contact to post your queries.

  • Sears88 – W2 and Payroll Information

This menu allows 88sears employee to manage the payment cycle alongside the W2. It also enables you to reprint and view the paystubs.

At the same time, you have a chance to enroll yourself in the management of W2. In this, you have the chance to manage your payment in the best possible way.

  • Contact and Resources of Sears88

Once accessing the menu option, you will have the scope to see your private information.

It comes with various accessible links besides providing information on various information and job offers.

Once clicking here, you will also be able to view the details like disciplinary code, and information on another departmental team etc.


Get Started with Sears88

It is actually very simple to register yourself to avail these benefits. For that just observe these directives below:

  • Enter into the Site of 88sears

Using laptop or desktop just straight away visit the sears88 once typing the URL in the browser.

  • Choose Change/View/Enrol Coverage

This option is present just beneath the headline of information benefit. Once clicking here a login zone will emerge.

Once you are having a valid account of Sear88 then there is no trouble of further continuation.

  • Place Your Company ID

You have to enter it into the prescribed box before proceeding to the next level.

  • Insert Password

In the final step just enter your password to penetrate into the official portal of Sears Holding.

In case you have not created the benefit Sears account, just carefully study these registration steps below:

  • Press the New Registration Link

Once clicking on the blue colored New Users link, you will be landed on a fresh page of registration.

Here you will come across two empty fields for identity confirmation.

  • Insert SSN Code

A box will appear where you just need to insert the last 4 numbers only.

  • Mention Your Birth Date

Beneath the field of the SSN code, 3 boxes will appear where you have to place the year, month, and day of your birth.

This information will be verified by the system with that of your previous private information.

  • Pressing the Button of Continue

Once your identity is matched with the existing database, the system will continue with your process of registration.

  • Develop an User-id

In the subsequent step, you need to create the account password and ID. It must be different from that of the Sears Holding ID.

This new ID will allow you to view and apply for the latest benefits of the Sears Holding.

  • Post Email Address

You have to provide an active mail address and at the same time choose certain security-related questions.

It will eventually help in the event of retrieving the lost password.

  • Clicking the Button to Register

Choosing the button of selection is your final step of account creation.

Now you will be able to view the benefits of Sears Holding easily once the process is completed.